Parker Real Estate

    Welcome to Parker, Texas!

    Parker’s farming and animal husbandry roots can be found everywhere. Even though the population has increased to over 3,500 persons, one can still find spacious lots for homes uncommon to the atmospheres of more densely populated adjoining cities. Parker retains the beauty and atmosphere found only in the country, with close-by city conveniences such as shopping malls and high-quality Plano and Allen schools.

    Featured in D Magazine’s Top 10 Cities in Dallas for over a Decade!

    Parker remains best known as the home of Southfork Ranch, where the fictional Ewings of TV’s Dallas feud over the family fortune. For locals this city is simply a piece of countryside—sometimes a rather large piece—not too far from malls and highways. Parker has been in D Magazine’s top 10 since being added to the list of suburbs to survey in 2004, and topping the list in 2012. The town has many multiple-acre residences but most are on 1.5 to 2 acres. Parker benefits from the development of all the towns that surround it, meaning residents can look at long stretches of pastures, curved roads, ponds, and trees yet reach civilization lickety-split!